It all started back in 2004. The Podunkian made a Half-Life mod named "Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source". His concept was simple: throw a bunch of crazy ideas and concepts together, to form one ridiculous game.

Metal Gear Solid featured very prominently in the original release, with several game modes and models based off the franchise. Content from the film Battle Royale, and features from several other Half Life mods (such as diving from Action Half-Life, and laying prone from Day of Defeat) made appearances in the original mod. That, combined with about 30 different weapons, made playing Jaykin' Bacon a truly fun and unique experience.


Jaykin' Bacon: Episode 3 is our fan-made sequel to the original mod. JBEP3 combines ideas from more Half-Life 1 mods (Rocket Crowbar, PS07, and Scientist Hunt to name a few) and many original ideas of our own (such as the Dubstep Gun, Cat Mine, and the AX47). Almost all of the content from the original mod will be included as well.

We've assembled a team of over thirty talented people to help make this possible and our public release is fast approaching but we're already looking towards the future. Post release, we'll continue to expand the game with additional content.


We've designed our mod with a particular concept in mind: player freedom. We'll be giving you numerous built in options, which will allow you to change the way the game is played. Some will be presented during server creation. Many more are built right into the Source console, which will allow you to alter an incredible number of variables in real time. Future releases will see extensive Lua implementation, allowing developers to create any gamemode you could imagine. While that particular feature is still in planning stages, our first release will include as many unique gamemodes as possible; you'll have quite a bit to play around with.

We plan to have over 50 unique weapons ready on release, which includes content from all the sources listed above. Subsequent patches will raise the weapon count to over 60 though as we have many guns in the planning stages. That's double the weapon count from the original Jaykin' Bacon. And if that's not cool enough, we also got Kleiner's voice actor to voice our version of the killer chasing scientists from scientist hunt!


We're making quick progress on our first public release, but we're not quite ready for a specific date. We're expecting a public release "soon" (when we're happy with it). We'll be posting updates on our Twitter account, and we have threads located on Something Awful and Facepunch. We'll be updating our Facepunch thread most frequently, but you'll not be able to see those updates withot Gold Membership. We'll also be updating our ModDB when we have enough content for it to be worth your time.